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JRS members have recently been targeted by a variety of phishing scams, including emails, phone calls, and text messages that attempt to impersonate or imply affiliation with JRS.

The fraudulent emails may provide links, including DocuSign, and allege to provide the member with the option to sign up and receive their monthly JRS benefit payments four days early by providing personal financial information, including bank account information.  JRS does not offer an early benefit payment option or request personal or banking information by email or use of DocuSign.  Please note that our emails are always sent from an email address.

Phone calls and Text messages
Several members have recently reported receiving unsolicited phone calls and text messages from individuals claiming to be associated with JRS.  These individuals initially contact the member by phone call or text message and attempt to set up counseling appointments with the member, generally through a follow-up email and/or text message.  These phone calls have been received on State landlines and State issued cell phones.  JRS does not contract with anyone outside of the agency to contact members about retirement counseling appointments or other financial services. JRS does not cold call members for retirement consultations, and only schedules retirement counseling appointments at the request of the member.

If you receive a suspicious email, call, or text message that purports to be JRS that you suspect is a scam, please report this activity to the JRS call center at 217-785-7444. Information that you provide can help JRS prevent and detect schemes that impact our members. 

JRS Tier 1 Disability Benefits

If you become disabled and unable to perform the duties of your position, you may receive disability benefits which partially replace your working income.

Tier 1 Temporary Disability Benefits

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

To qualify for this benefit, you must have at least two years of service as a judge, and your disability must occur while you are a judge. The Board of Trustees must determine that you are totally disabled and temporarily unable to perform the duties of a judge. You cannot be engaged in any form of gainful occupation during the disability.

Applying For and Receiving Temporary Benefits

You must apply to receive a disability benefit and include a copy of your birth certificate. The application process requires you to obtain two physician’s reports certifying that you are unable to perform the duties of your position and also requires you to sign a JRS medical release form. Your temporary disability benefit equals 50% of your salary at the time of the disability, and begins on the day following your removal from the payroll. Temporary disability benefits are payable until the end of your term in office. While you are receiving temporary disability benefits, your JRS account is credited with service as if you remained on the bench through your current term. The disability benefit is reduced by any amounts received under the Workers' Compensation Act or Occupational Diseases Act.

Tier 1 Permanent Disability Benefits

Retirement Annuity for Permanent Disability

If you are permanently disabled, you may receive a retirement annuity if you have at least 10 years of pension credit (reciprocal service may be used) and your disability occurs while you are a judge.

The JRS Board of Trustees must determine if you are totally and permanently disabled and unable to perform your judicial position.

Applying For and Receiving Permanent Disability Benefits

You must apply for disability benefits with a copy of your birth certificate in order to receive them. The application process requires you to obtain two physician's reports certifying you as unable to perform the duties of your position, and sign a JRS medical release form. Your permanent disability benefit equals your earned retirement benefit and begins on the day following your removal from the payroll. You will receive a 3% increase on January 1 following your first full year of receiving a retirement annuity for permanent disability.