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Warning! Many SERS members have recently received unsolicited, potentially misleading emails from companies not affiliated with SERS offering retirement counseling. These emails may appear to come from SERS or appear to represent SERS, they do not. SERS encourages members to be cautious of email solicitations and skeptical of any attempts by outside firms to request personal or financial information. SERS will NEVER contact you asking for personal information. If you are within a year of retirement and need an appointment, you can request an appointment by emailing or by calling (217) 785-7444.

Credited Service


When hired, you become a member of SERS and mandatory contributions are automatically credited to your account.

Monthly Employees Daily(Per Deim) Employees Hourly Employees Monthly Credit

15 calendar days or more

10 work days or more

75 hours or more


8 thru 14 calendar days

5 thru 9 work days

38 - 74 hours


less than 8 calendar days

less than 5 work days

less than 38 hours



Contributions are based on a percentage of total compensation, including overtime pay. With certain exceptions, all members who join SERS must contribute to Social Security.

Regular Retirement Formula

Members with Social Security 3.5% (pension) + .5% (survivors') = 4.0% Total

Members without Social Security 7.0% (pension) + 1.0% (survivors') = 8.0% Total

* If you have no eligible survivors when you retire, you will receive a refund of the survivors' portion of your contributions.

Alternative Retirement Formula

Members with Social Security 8.0% (pension) + .5% (survivors') = 8.5% Total

Members without Social Security 11.5% (pension) + 1.0% (survivors') = 12.5% Total

* If you do not qualify for the alternative formula when you retire, you will receive a refund of the alternative formula contributions in excess of the regular formula contributions.

NOTE: Beginning on or after January 1, 2011, annual compensation on which contributions are taken cannot exceed $106,800. This amount increases annually by 3% or one-half of the Consumer Price Index, whichever is less.

Employer Pick-Up

Some state employees have all or a portion of their contributions “picked-up” or paid, by the State of Illinois. The elected official who oversees your agency, board or commission determines whether your agency participates in the Employer Pick-Up Program and the pick-up percentage.

If you receive a lump sum refund of contributions, the employer pick-up contributions are included, along with any contributions which may have been deducted from your pay. The employer pick-up is also included in the calculation of any death benefit involving member contributions.