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Fraudulent Emails
SERS members have recently been targeted by fraudulent emails that claim to be from SERS. These emails appear to be legitimate correspondence from SERS, but they are not. Our emails are always sent from an email address. The fraudulent emails provide several links, including one to DocuSign, and allege to provide the member with the option to sign up to receive their monthly SERS benefit payments four days early by providing personal financial information, including bank account information. SERS does not offer this early payment option or request personal or banking information by email. Please contact us at 217-785-7444 if you have received or responded to a fraudulent email. 


To assure the use of the most current form, SERS recommends not to download blank forms to your computer. These forms can now be completed online if you have Adobe Reader 5.1 or newer. Once the form is filled out, please print it (sign the form if necessary) and mail to SERS. A copy of the form should be kept for your records. The completed unsigned form can be saved to your computer for your records.

Contact your Retirement Coordinator (RC) if you need assistance with any form. Your RC's name and phone number can be found on your Annual Statement.

Miscellaneous Forms

This form is to be used to nominate the person or persons to receive any death benefit payable by the State Employees' Retirement System of Illinois. This is a legal document which, after preparation, may not be altered in any way by any person. A member desiring to change beneficiaries at a later date must complete a new Beneficiary form. The form on file with SERS that has the most recent date, located next to the member's signature, will take precedence.

This form may be used by benefit recipients only to make member information change. If you are an active employee, you must contact your payroll office to make these changes.

The appropriate legal documents establishing the trust must accompany this form. A trust is a property arrangement on which a trustee, such as a person or a bank trust department, holds title to, takes care of , and in most cases, manages property for the benefit of one or more third parties (beneficiaries). You should seek legal advice if you are setting up a trust.

This document is used when the total of an Illinois decedent's estate is less than $100,000.00 AND the estate does not own real estate. A small estate affidavit may be used to transfer property to the decedent's beneficiaries/heirs without opening a formal probate estate. You should seek legal advice to complete this form.

This form is used to change Federal tax withholding from your SERS payment.

This form is used to withhold state income tax from your SERS payment. While you are not required to pay state income tax on your SERS benefit, you may wish to have a tax deduction under some circumstances. If so, complete this form and send to SERS Vouchering Section.

Pension Benefit Forms

This packet is used for starting your retirement process in a step by step instruction. There are other helpful tools within this area to help with your retirement questions.

This form is to be completed if you are electing a reversionary annuity. A reversionary annuity is paid when you voluntarily reduce your monthly retirement annuity to provide a portion of that annuity to your surviving spouse upon your death. Please read the Reversionary Annuity booklet provided to you in the publications section of the SERS web site. If you are interested, call SERS Pension Section and they will provide you with information needed to complete this form.

Survivor Benefit Forms

This form is automatically sent to the appropriate survivor's benefit recipients. If you misplaced the original sent to you this form can be downloaded and used. Please have the school you attend complete the lower portion of the form.

Service Purchase Forms

This form is used by members to make a lump-sum payment to rollover from a tax sheltered qualified employer plan [401(a), 403(b), 457] or IRA (pre-tax).