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Fraudulent Emails
SERS members have recently been targeted by fraudulent emails that claim to be from SERS. These emails appear to be legitimate correspondence from SERS, but they are not. Our emails are always sent from an email address. The fraudulent emails provide several links, including one to DocuSign, and allege to provide the member with the option to sign up to receive their monthly SERS benefit payments four days early by providing personal financial information, including bank account information. SERS does not offer this early payment option or request personal or banking information by email. Please contact us at 217-785-7444 if you have received or responded to a fraudulent email. 

Direct Deposit FAQs

1. How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

A SERS Depository Agreement form must be completed to participate in Direct Deposit. This form is available through our member services website or by calling 217-785-7444 to receive a form by mail.

2. How long does it take for Direct Deposit to take effect?

SERS updates financial institutions information at the beginning of each month. Although the date fluctuates slightly each month, generally speaking if the Depository Agreement form is received by the 6th of the month, Direct Deposit becomes effective that same month.

3. I signed up for Direct Deposit and received my first benefit payment in the mail. Why?

The first benefit payments is sent either mailed or electronically deposited. If the first payment is mailed, Direct Deposit usually starts with the second payment provided that the Depository Agreement Form is received and all information is accurate.

4. Will I receive a payment stub when I sign up for Direct Deposit?

Once your benefit is processed through Direct Deposit, you can securely view your monthly earnings statement via ePASS through the SRS Member Services website. To view your account information, you may register through our website at and navigate to the link “View PDF version on how to secure an ID”. You will find the instructions for the one-time registration process that must be completed to access your account information online.

5. When are the monthly checks deposited electronically?

Monthly payments are deposited on the 19th of each month. If the 19th falls on a holiday or weekend, the deposit is made the last business day before the 19th. Note: Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits are deposited on the 28th of the month. If the 28th falls on a holiday or weekend, the deposit is made the last business day before the 28th.

6. I am receiving disability benefits. Can my check be electronically deposited?

Yes. All types of Disability benefits may be deposited electronically, including TTD benefits.

7. How do I change my account number after I have signed up for Direct Deposit?

You will need to complete a Direct Deposit Account Number Change Request form. This form is available through your Member Services account, or to request one to be mailed you can contact us at or (217) 785-7444.