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Warning! Many SERS members have recently received unsolicited, potentially misleading emails from companies not affiliated with SERS offering retirement counseling. These emails may appear to come from SERS or appear to represent SERS, they do not. SERS encourages members to be cautious of email solicitations and skeptical of any attempts by outside firms to request personal or financial information. SERS will NEVER contact you asking for personal information. If you are within a year of retirement and need an appointment, you can request an appointment by emailing or by calling (217) 785-7444.


Mailing your W-4P to GARS?

State Retirement Systems receives ALL mail for SERS, GARS and JRS. Forms that are not properly identified as belonging to GARS will not be received in a timely manner.

Be sure to follow these steps to ensure we receive your form.

  • Make sure to write General Assembly Retirement System below your signature before you return the form.
  • Address your envelope to General Assembly Retirement System.
  • For faster receipt, you can fax your signed and completed form to (217) 524-9039.