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SERS members have recently been targeted by a variety of phishing scams, including emails, phone calls, and text messages that attempt to impersonate or imply affiliation with SERS.

The fraudulent emails may provide links, including DocuSign, and allege to provide the member with the option to sign up and receive their monthly SERS benefit payments four days early by providing personal financial information, including bank account information.  SERS does not offer an early benefit payment option or request personal or banking information by email or use of DocuSign.  Please note that our emails are always sent from an email address.

Phone calls and Text messages
Several members have recently reported receiving unsolicited phone calls and text messages from individuals claiming to be associated with SERS.  These individuals initially contact the member by phone call or text message and attempt to set up counseling appointments with the member, generally through a follow-up email and/or text message.  These phone calls have been received on State landlines and State issued cell phones.  SERS does not contract with anyone outside of the agency to contact members about retirement counseling appointments or other financial services. SERS does not cold call members for retirement consultations, and only schedules retirement counseling appointments at the request of the member.

If you receive a suspicious email, call, or text message that purports to be SERS that you suspect is a scam, please report this activity to the SERS call center at 217-785-7444. Information that you provide can help SERS prevent and detect schemes that impact our members. 

Member Services Login Instructions

Member Services Website Announcement

We are in the process of transitioning our Member Services authentication system from the Public Portal to the ILogin Portal, a multifactor authentication system run by the State of Illinois to provide a more secured authentication process.  We will make the transition incrementally in the coming months. If you are an existing Member Services website user, you will receive a letter from SRS in the mail with instructions on how to create your new ILogin account using the new authentication system.

IMPORTANT: OKTA Workforce account (your work email address) is different from the OKTA ILogin account (your personal email address). You can only use an OKTA ILogin account to access the SRS Member Services website.

Tutorials on how to sign up for ILogin

Sign up using ILogin if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • If you have received a letter from SRS.
  • If you are a new user to the Member Services website.

If you haven't received a letter from SRS and would like to sign in using ILogin, request an activation code. If you've misplaced your letter, contact SRS to reset your activation code. 

SRS Migration to ILogin FAQs

If you're an existing user in any of the programs below, do not create a new ILogin account. You can access Member Services with your existing ILogin credentials. You will be prompted to register and enter a one-time activation code the first time you login.

  • Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) Unemployment Insurance
  • Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology (IMPACT)
  • Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Vax Verify
  • Illinois Department of Insurance (IDOI)


What do I need to know before creating my new ILogin account?

  • We highly recommend you watch the ILogin video tutorial.
  • We recommend using a desktop computer to sign up for ILogin and to input the account activation code.
  • Please set aside 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to ensure you have sufficient time to complete the process.
  • Please use your personal email address to sign up for your new ILogin account.
    • Make sure you have access to your personal email to activate your ILogin account.
    • You cannot use your Illinois work email address to access your personal membership information.

Why is this happening now?

  • Illinois’ Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) has built a more secure portal and they are encouraging everyone to begin using it. 
    • The Public Access Portal is antiquated and does not require multifactor authentication.

What’s so great about multifactor authentication (MFA)?

  • Traditional login requires only a username and password. Usernames are often email addresses. People tend to reuse passwords across sites, so they are easy to remember. This means if your password is compromised elsewhere, it could be used anywhere.
  • MFA generally requires information from more than one of the following categories:
    • Something you know - Like a password or a memorized PIN. 
    • Something you have - Like a smartphone or a secure USB key. 
    • Something unique to you - Like a fingerprint or facial recognition.


How often will I need to supply the second factor to access my account?

  • You will need to provide the second factor every time you log in to Member Services.


What if I didn’t receive an activation email or have problems with MFA?


Access to EPass and MyBenefits via Single-Sign-on (SSO)

  • The single-sign-on functionality provided via the Public Portal from Member Services will no longer be available. If you need to access your check stubs via EPass or insurance via MyBenefits, please use the links below:

What if I have no idea where to start?

We have created a video tutorial and a fact sheet on how to sign up for ILogin and submit the account activation code. Please refer to the following materials:

What if I get an ILogin Application Denied error?

This happens when you did not sign out your Member Services account previously. Follow instructions below to clear your browser cache and history and try to login again:

What else do I need to do after conversion?

  • If you have bookmarked Member Services web address in your browser, please update the web address to point to:


For more ILogin instructions, please refer to the following links:

Can I still use the Public ID to sign in to the Member Services website?

Sign-in using Public ID if you meet one of the following criteria:

If you haven't received a letter from SRS and have an existing Public Portal account, you can still log in through the Illinois Public Portal until you receive a letter from SRS.